Knights of Columbus
Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279
Instituted 19 June 1921
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Front row left, Alan, Leslie and Cal Bowie; Pete Czupryna, PGK,  Stephen Spadafora and Sean Kelley.
Back row left, Anthony Perino, Pat Simpson, Ryan Mudd, DGK, Charles Eisele, Jim O'Neill and Colleen Spadafora.
Archbishop Neale School Pancake Breakfast
8th Grade Students Graduation
2 June 2009
Photo by Karen and George Grooms
On Thursday, 6 March, our council conducted a Free Throw Contest at Archbishop Neale School Gymnasium. 15 students participated. The winners, holding their certificates, are:
10 year old Zach Travers; 11 year old Amanda Radcliff  and Jack Hennessy; 12 year old Austin Walter; 13 year old Jack Hennessy, Kip Vogel and  Sarah LeBarron.
The following brother knights helped: Ryan Mudd, DGK and Director of Youth Activities, Keith Vogel, GK, Pat Devine, George Grooms, Brandon Rosier, Sam Riley and Gus Tolson.
Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest
March 2008
Archbishop Neale School 
Keep Christ in Christmas Awards
Hugh Gardiner, IV, Youth Activities Director left and Matthew Laidley, Grand Knight right back row, present  students with the award on 1 December 2005.
C. William Nalley Citizenship Award
Good Evening,I'm _______of the Knights of Columbus, Archbishop Neale Council No. 2279 in La Plata, Maryland.
 It is indeed a pleasure for me, this evening, to make the C. William Nalley Citizenship Award presentation recognizing a member of this year's graduating class who has demonstrated the qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, and Christian character. Many of you present this evening are familiar with the Knights of Columbus and our various services, fundraising projects, and activities that take place in the local area. St. James, the Apostle, once said "Faith without works is dead." Today the saying could be "Practice what you preach" or "Put your money where your mouth is." All three versions stress that unless a person is willing to backup his or her belief with concrete action, they are on the wrong side of the credibility gap.
William Nalley, after which this citizenship award is named, was a member of the first graduating class of Sacred Heart High School, now known as Archbishop Neale School. He exhibited a great deal of balance in his life - balance as it related to his career, his family, his church, and his community. He was a very active parishioner in St. Ignatius Church, Chapel Point. He served as the Grand Knight of Neale council and he also served as the District Deputy of the southern Maryland councils. Most of all he was concerned about youth, the under-privileged, the poor, the sick and the aged. He stood second to none in his commitment and involvement with youth, continually stressing the need for scholarship, service, leadership and Christian character. 
Our recipient this evening, in the eyes of the faculty, has consistently shown a spirit of loyalty and maturity in daily interactions with classmates and family.
The C. William Nalley Citizenship Award for the ____________school year along with a ___________ U. S. Savings Bond is presented to ______________.
Alan Bowie, a member of the Knights of Columbus, Archbishop Neale Council, No. 2279 and a graduate of Archbishop Neale School, presents the award to Tracy Elizabeth Hardos at the graduation ceremony at Sacred Heart Church on 4 June 2007.
Greg Cross, past grand knight of our council and former district 12 deputy, presents the award to Brad Clements at the graduation ceremony at Sacred Heart Church in June 2004.
Keith Vogel, Grand Knight, presents Rachel Anne Jezek with the Award on 4 June 2009 at Sacred Heart Church.
Rachel Anne Jezek
Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest
January 2009
Archbishop Neale School Gymnasium
La Plata, MD
Photos by Adam Wuenschel
Front row left PGK Peter Czupryna and PGK Matthew Laidley.
Middle row left Albert Ribeiro, Stephen Spadafora and Michael Schreyer.
Back row left Anthony Perino, Mark Shutters, GK Ryan Mudd, DGK George Grooms, Marcelino Santos and Dominic Anastasi.
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Grand Knight Ryan Mudd presents award to Nicholas James Thompson 6 June 2011..
Ryan, thank you so much to the Knights of Columbus for their honorable award knowing that Mr. Nalley was an active member of St. Ignatius being an altar server there for 5 years has more meaning. Nicholas has always loved going to shcool and he has always loved being involved in activities associated with school and church, so this is more thrilling than you know, that his work of God was noticed. Thanks again. 
 Hoover and Nancy Thompson.
Archbishop Neale School Pancake Breakfast
8th Grade Students Graduation
2 June 2010
Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest at Archbishop Neale School
January 2012
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Archbishop Neale School 
8th Grade Graduating Class Breakfast
On Wednesday, May 30, 2012, the KoC/ANC #2279 served pancakes, sausage, mini muffins, milk, and orange juice to 34 graduating 8th graders and 30 staff from ANS. 

Those who participated included Fr. Robert, Fr. John, Ryan Mudd, Pete Czupryna, Vic Valdisera, Michael Schreyer, Gary Simpson, Keith Vogel, Tony Holson, Steve Spadafora, Al Ribeiro, and Mark Shutters.

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On Saturday, January 19, 2013, Archbishop Neale Council #2279 sponsored its annual Basketball Free Throw Championship.  

Grand Knight, Mark Shutters, was joined by Joe Davis (Grand Knight, Dr. John Henry Griffin Council #2293), and Francis Lancaster (Grand Knight, Holy Ghost Council #11484), as well as a host of brother knights who assisted thirteen (13) girls and boys who participated in the event.

Girl participants included Madelyn Mudd (10), Molly Lancaster (11), Alexis Glasco (11), Julia Vogel (12), Brenna Grooms (13), Brandi Glascoe (13), and Karen Anderson (13).

 Boy participants included Nathan Eldridge (10), Patrick Anderson (10), John Roberts (10), Tom Roberts (11), Mark Edelen (11), and Nicholas Shutters (13). 

The winners of the council and district championships, each of whom received a $10.00 Chick-Fil-A gift card, were Alexis Glascoe (10-11 age group), Julia Vogel (12-14 age group), Tom Roberts (10-11 age group), and Nicholas Shutters (12-14 age group).

The aforementioned councils extend their thanks to brother Tony Holson, Archbishop Neale Council #2279/Youth Service Program Director, for coordinating and administering the event. The councils also extend a special thanks to our Worthy District Deputy, Brad Howard, who not only attended the championship, but awarded medals to the winners on the district level.
Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition
Archbishop Neale School
January 2013
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Photos by brother Gil Dutchover
Photo by brother Tony Holson
Catholic Bee
Archbishop Neale School
31 May 2013
Photos by Debbie Holson and FDD Phil Tabbita
      After a grueling 2½ hour competition, which included 31 rounds, and approximately 350 questions, ANS reigned victorious! Trent Aughinbaugh, Margaret Stine, and Matthew Palka finished in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, respectively. They were awarded $75, $50, and $25 Target gift cardsThe moderator was Mark Shutters, Grand Knight, Archbishop Neale Council #2279. Judges included Larry Sutton, Joe Cain, and Ray Dunn, Youth Service Program Director, Dr. John Henry Griffin Council #2293. Notable attendees included Phil Tabbita, Former District Deputy, and Brad Howard, District Deputy. Many thanks to Peggy Howard, Principal, ANS, and brother J.R. West, Principal, St. Peter’s School, for their assistance. Thanks also to brother Sam Riley, for having covered the gymnasium floor, setting up the chairs, and assembling the sound system. Most especially, thanks to brother Tony Holson, Youth Service Program Director, Archbishop Neale School, for his tireless efforts, and due diligence in having coordinated the entire event.
      In 2012, Archbishop Neale Council #2279 sponsored its 1st annual Catholic Bee which was held at Archbishop Neale School (ANS). Twelve 4th and 5th grade students participated, and the competition was enjoyed by all. On May 31, 2013, Archbishop Neale Council #2279, coupled with Dr. John Henry Griffin Council No. 2293 hosted the 2nd annual Catholic Bee. It was again held at ANS. Twelve 4th and 5th grade ANS students were joined by eleven 4th and 5th grade students from St. Peter's School in Waldorf, MD.
Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition
Archbishop Neale School
18 January 2014
On Saturday, January 18, 2014, at 1:00 p.m., Archbishop Neale Council #2279 hosted its annual Basketball Free Throw Championship. The event was held in the gymnasium of Archbishop Neale School, La Plata, Maryland. Both the council and district competitions were conducted.

The event was organized by Brother Charles A. “Tony” Holson, Youth Service Program Director. On hand to assist were Worthy District Deputy, Kirk B. “Brad” Howard; Worthy Grand Knight, Mark Shutters; Worthy Financial Secretary , Gerry Brosco; Worthy Lecturer, Marcelino J. “Marcy” Santos; and Brothers Brandon M. Rosier and Victor M. “Vic” Valdisera.

In order to garner participation, Archbishop Neale Council #2279 advertised the event in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church bulletin. Parish priests also made pulpit announcements. Furthermore, fliers were circulated throughout Archbishop Neale School, and the members of its basketball teams were encouraged to attend.

A total of thirteen (13) children attended. Participants included: Jett and Leo Sprague (9); Jaylon Hall (10); Tom Roberts (10); Trent Aughinbaugh (11); Nathan Eldridge (11); Tristan M. Praytor (11); John Roberts (11); Nicholas Fernbaugh (12); McKenna Filley (12); Ava Sprague (12); James Hume (13); and Nicholas Shutters (14).

The winner in the boys’ division, ages 9 to 11, was John Roberts who made thirteen (13) baskets on the council level, and fourteen (14) on the district level. There were no participants in the girls’ division, ages 9 to 11. The winner in the boy’s division, ages 12 to 14, was Nicholas Fernbaugh who made five (5) baskets on the council level, and twelve (12) on the district level. The winner for the girls’ division, ages 12 to 14, was Ava Sprague who made seven (7) baskets both on the council and district levels.

At the conclusion of the Basketball Free Throw Championship, the winners of each division were awarded $15.00 iTune cards. Furthermore, Brothers Brad and Marcy awarded each participant with a medal because, regardless of the numbers of baskets made, each child is a champion in the eyes of the Knights of Columbus. Vivat Jesus!
from left brothers John Brucculeiri, Anthony Perino and John Minichino prepare the pancakes for the 36 students.
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The graduating students enjoying a scrumptious breakfast on a beautiful morning.
Peter Czupryna, PGK, serving students.
Graduating Class Pancake Breakfast
Archbishop Neale School
2 June 2014
From left brothers David Newman, Peter Czupryna, PGK, Victor Valdisera and Albert Ribeiro preparing to serve the graduating students.
On Tuesday night, 3 June, after Mass at Sacred Heart Church, Mark Shutters, Grand Knight, presents Robert Casey Burke of Archbishop Neale School 2014 graduating class,with the Knights of Columbus, Archbishop Neale Council C. William Nalley Citizenship Award Plaque and $150.00 check.
Knights of Columbus, Archbishop Neale Council No. 2279
C. William Nalley Citizenship Award
3 June 2014